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01732 832197 Masterplan Tonbridge Planting plans

Good planting design is the icing on the cake. As well as adding colour and texture to a garden, it will soften hard landscaping.  It will provide you with colour and structure through all seasons of the year.

As well as using plants  suitable for your soil type and the aspect, the style will compliment your home by giving it a sense of place. We would discuss your preferred style and colour preferences prior to starting the plan.

You may be very happy with your garden but just want to rethink the planting scheme. We can work with you to produce a complete planting scheme, or supplement existing plants, and supply and plant as required. The planting plans detail plants, their numbers and spacing , and a maintenance schedule where relevant.

Garden Design Tonbridge- Planting design

Where the garden is large, or the space is divided or wraps around the house, it is sometimes better to produce a masterplan to show the general use of each of the areas first. Then each area is drawn in more detail to enable the landscaper to build from.

Often this is done in phases to make the project more manageable and we can offer advice regarding this.

Garden Design Tunbridge Wells- Masterplan